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Home Protect America Review

The name Protect America will be familiar to many people that are considering a new home security system because they are building a reputation as one of the top companies and certainly have a vast and growing consumer base across the country. The company say that their aim is both to educate people on the importance of home security and to provide this service for the entire nation, a target they are slowly working towards with half a million homes served since 1992, but are they providing enough? There are a number of aspects that make this company stand out to prospective buyers – both good and bad – and this Protect America review aims to look at the sales claims, unique features, pros and cons to see whether or not they really are worth investing in.

One of the key selling points with this home security company is the fact that it is 100% wireless and offers such simplicity in its connectivity and modern equipment. Learn more about safetytechspy at www.safetytechspy.com

There is a very good reason why this Protect America system is so streamlined and simplistic and that is because of one very important point that needs to be made straight away – this is a DIY system; you get all the parts and have to install it in your home yourself. This method is ideal for those that want the hands-on approach and an understanding of how the system works and the wireless system means there is even less work to do. Furthermore, some buyers have said it is so simple to put up that they have been finished in around 20 minutes. Not bad for a system that is set to protect your entire home.

This brilliant simplicity and wireless feel is enhanced by the quality of the interactive elements and the ease of controlling everything through a smartphone. This cellular monitoring means you do not have to be near the control panel to make adjustments and the Z-wave technology of the mobile app is said to help you turn your home into a smart house for no additional cost.

Other buyers will have picked up on this interesting claim: “more free alarm equipment than any other company”. What is unique here is that buyers are not paying for a monthly security service and the costs of all the equipment they desire; the cost of the subscription is for the service and is dependant on the size of the package. Essentially the equipment is free. What makes this even more impressive is that they have not scrimped on the quality of the goods while taking away this cost, as is seen with the Simon XT Touchscreen panel that provides one-touch arming and disarming and other important functions with ease.

For some it is the simplicity and modern feel of the equipment that stands out, for others it is the lack of costs.

There has been a notable trend so far with the word ‘free’ – the free app and free equipment – and the affordability of these systems is a massive draw for consumers. Yes, the constant reminders about the lack of expensive installation fees is a bit of a cheat because there is no professional installation anyway but there are still plenty of other perks in the pricing that can really help consumers that are struggling to afford some of the other, pricier brands out there. There is a lifetime warranty on all equipment, which means upgrades and protection on parts when moving them to another home, and this is a very nice touch,but the main incentive here is that the pricing structure is so varied and so much more affordable at its lowest end than Protect America’s main competitors.

The plans range from their most basic to their most complete in your standard system of equating a product to a precious metal but what is interesting is that while there are the usual silver, gold and platinum options available, there are two lower-priced ones preceding them – a bronze and a copper. It is this copper that provides the $19.99 per month starting point that is so heavily advertised and for this price buyers receive the standard Simon XT panel, 3 door/window sensors and a motion detector. At the highest end, the $42.99 per month Platinum option, this is increased so that buyers receive 14 sensors for their windows and doors. Interestingly, Protect America state that it is actually the silver model with the 9 sensors that is the most popular with their consumers. Supporters would say this is a nice bit of honesty that means that buyers are not forced into the most expensive options; critics would say it is a clever way of drawing people away from that basic $19.99 package.

This is the point where you start to wonder where the catch is: buyers are getting all of this equipment for free at some very affordable monthly rates so there must be some extra costs to consider or some fine print to read somewhere. Both of these possibilities are true but they are not necessarily as bad as some people may have you believe.

The first consideration comes in the form of this statement from the Protect America website: “customize and shape the Silver Package to work perfectly in your house by adding equipment and swapping sensors for other devices”. This is where the added costs come in. The company talk about their understanding that every home is different and as you customise the package with personal needs the extra costs will mount up. This is fair enough as long as buyers are knowingly getting something important for those extra bucks and that seems to be the case here with those helpful extra sensors like the smoke detection and carbon monoxide warnings. The second consideration is the contract issue in the fine print; not many consumers seem to have been made fully aware of the 3 year contract they are buying into. Again, with prior knowledge this is less of an issue but it has stung some customers in the past.

So far, Protect America have been able to tick plenty of boxes with their costs and product options but there is one area where they could perhaps improve a little – their customer support.

With no need for professionals to come round to your home to install one of these systems, the entirety of the installation process is in the hands of the consumer. A lot of the time customers find this process to be very easy because of the simplicity of the equipment but there is still a need for support from the company when there are certain parts that do not work straight away or if the home owner has made some basic errors. Because of this DIY nature, Protect America claim to have a number of easy-access support systems in place such as their 24/7 phone support and online video tutorials; however, some buyers contest this and it is this area where many reviewers find themselves on different sides of the fence.


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